The "H" Word

Do you ever think you are finally starting to understand your illness, you go for your blood work, and everything is upside once again?  Do you ever wake up "pain" free?  Do you ever think you are NEVER going to catch the butterfly?  

I can only share and relate my own personal experiences with this disease.  I can begin to answer a few of the above questions to only have them be answered correctly for the moment I am in right now, not tomorrow or the next day.  Seems that this type of outlook is pretty somber, but I would like to say in fear of being disappointed, I find it realistic, at least for me.

There are many websites offering all the answers to Hashimoto's; reversal, diet, exercise, supplements and so on and so on etc.......Again, not somber but realistic.  Unless you have struggled with this disease, you wouldn't understand, you really wouldn't be reading this either.

I offer NO quick fixes here, only the sometimes-harsh reality of possibly what to expect and total support.  I was absent from here for the past several years, feeling disenchanted with the lack of feedback from others.  Not the direction that I had initially planned but once again, reality.  Reality that I must find the motivation, energy and then hope that I can connect with others.

"BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME" that didn't work with my website initially, but maybe "Build it and never lose faith!"  This is what "H" has done to me, lack of motivation, lack of faith, and unhappiness.  These emotions have yielded me nothing.  The most difficult of all, the lack of helping others.  I feel a part of me has failed once again but I am determined to pick myself up and get back at my passion in life and my only motivation going forward, helping others.  

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