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My name is Yvonne and this site is about my journey from initially being diagnosed, treatment and now living with Hashimoto's. 

On a personal note, a little about me...…..

I believe from a medical standpoint, my health issues began in 2004, to be more specific, October 31, 2004. On that day, I lost my only child. It seemed inconceivable that I was going to be able to live the same life that I always felt like I was supposed to; inconceivable that I could get through the overwhelming grief.

Over the span of 15 years, I have worked extremely hard educating myself about my Thyroid Disease and Hashimoto's. It has been a rough journey to say the least but I am still here to share and hopefully help others who might be struggling or newly diagnosed in knowing that there is SUPPORT out there.  WE MUST BE OUR OWN ADVOCATE when it comes to our health.  I am disheartened with the medical community in that there hasn't been a doctor that wants to address or spend any time on discussing how to manage this autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's.  Doctors do not seem to think that Hashimoto's is a life altering disease.  Treating the thyroid is the easy part, medication.  Hashimoto's, not so easy.  There is NO known cure or meds that can give us that quality of life back.  But, I have discovered there are MANY options for increasing one's quality of life, 
Living With Hashimoto's.