To Whom It May Apply:

I could bore you with statistics that you have read numerous times over and over about individuals dealing with depression.  I am back here, on my website, to share my thoughts and feelings to whomever may relate.  It has been a rough year for us all but getting out of the "deep, dark" space is not an easy one but here I am once again to get back on my journey of helping others.  You see, helping others is my passion and that is how I gauge my personal worth.

Covid hit hard in 2020 and I am sure the stats went sky high with more people being clinically diagnosed and those not diagnosed but feeling depressed.

Many who have never suffered through clinical depression confuse it with the everyday experience of being sad now and then, and don't understand why those of us struck by this life altering state can't just "cheer up."  The hard reality is there is a world of difference between occasionally feeling down and having clinical depression.

Depression has been a perplexing mystery since mankind and the most profound of all the mystery illnesses.  The reason is depression resides in the "ghost" of the machine........the soul, the brain.

There are triggers that bring about depression and finding the reason behind OUR imprisonment is the KEY to understanding and seeking help via therapy or just self help, I have sough and do both.  I have failed over the past year to help myself dig out from the deep state.

In my website, I shared what triggered the onset of my depression years ago but I am here to confess, there are triggers in my life that makes "it" rear "its" ugly head.

By sharing, I think that we can help one another.

What are your triggers?

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